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Father Damien
Father Damien Tours takes you on a spiritual adventure that will make you feel as if Father Damien himself is standing beside you. Our tour is a celebration of Father Damien’s life and his commitment to those suffering from leprosy during the late 1800s’, and the recognition the Catholic Church has bestowed upon him with his being canonized in October 2009.  

Father Damien Tours will fly you to Kalaupapa, Molokai in executive style, in a private charter aircraft. From there you will take a tour of the island, Hawaiian style, and walk in the footprints of the Blessed Father Damien. Your tour guides have a rich knowledge of the history and life of Father Damien and the people he helped.

​The entire trip is an enlightening and emotional experience. The dramatic scenery of Kalawao is breath taking and the simplicity of the church and it’s setting, inspiring. It is therefore easy to get caught up in the story of Father Damien and his cause, which in the end was his demise.